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Recording community life mainly in the South East and sometimes regional Queensland since 1985 has resulted in a media collection composed of video and still photographs of many events. This is a significant historic media collection representing the cultural, social and political development of the Brisbane Indigenous community over 25 years. It captures the strength of the community, Indigenous society and culture through the on-going customs of its population. The collection has been catalogued and stored and a project is currently being devised to conserve and digitally archive the material to make it accessible to the community as well as for use in productions of media-arts projects. The Uniikup Optical Media Collection Project is a potentially valuable resource for community families, individuals, researchers and arts projects.
The catalogue below (refer Uniikup tab for current one) provides a comprehensive view of the project scope.

“CHRONOTOPE PROJECT”  representations of time and space as captured in Indigenous community photography. (IN PROGRESS)
Connecting families and preserving and sharing community histories through community/family photographic collections.  The opportunity to preserve family photographs by digitisation, many of which are kept in poor storage conditions, and the bringing together of families by using media-art as a positive locus in our lives, can contribute to the well-being of community and society at a time when family life is bearing increased weight of social change and crisis.  Through this project we will digitise photographs, video document family short stories about photos, and edit the material for public exhibition by way of both a situated interactive kiosk and arts installation projects, as well as Colourise Festival mobile-live-media-art events.

A photographic communication of mother, daughters, sisters, grandchildren.
Six women, 3 generations of Indigenous Australians ……

”EYE 2 EYE” 
An Ebook on the history life and times of (the late) Eva Peacock nee Salam Mingo of Erub and Waiben.

Far away is now close at hand as cyberspace brings us face to face, fingertip to fingertip, across the internet. The dread of travel to the unknown, from sailing ship to rocket, is becoming a thing of the past, and the past a thing of the present. This project is a program of media arts events created to re-cross the great divide to connect commonalties, hear historical truths, strengthen human relations, explore countries and political and cultural difference.

Inspired by the classic play of Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov, this is a proposal for the Australia of the future, firmly grounded in the culture of the present and the past. The performance features video documentation in the Brisbane Indigenous community dating back to 1986, live-art performers, visual artists and musicians. A unique media arts experience, ”Proposal” will have you laughing at relationships and rethinking positions on land and boundaries.

Brisbane Indigenous visual Artists, media artists, filmmakers, writers, performers, dancers, musicians, comedians need a community space to play together. LaBlaK is an idea for a laboratory environment for Indigenous people from multiple disciplines to search, explore, grow, support, produce work by being our naturally ingenious selves!! Currently looking for a playground….

Screen culture dinner events by invitation to critique the works of local, national and international film-makers in appreciation of arts practice and the development of Australian Indigenous film-making.

A collaboration between a collective of local Indigenous filmmakers.
Our method of working is collaborative. We brainstorm ideas, characters, plots, drawing from our range of practical community experiences and personal knowledge of people and places. Characters’ lives and places are the plot rather than creating plots for imaginary characters. This is a very stimulating process and a lot of fun. We make political comment, with characters that tell you about the society; rather than stories that tell you about the characters.