The fundamental factor that keeps Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from communicating,
is that they are speaking about two entirely different perceptions of the world

Deloria V.Jnr., 2012, The Metaphysics of Modern Existence”, p.1.

An internet website experience creActed in collaboration with cyberTribe / Blackout superhighway project. LANDED was selected for exhibition at imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2013.

The LANDED website is a catalyst for new tracks of thought. A place where people can meet globally in conversation, to discuss systemic political, social and cultural change needed to address the direction planet and people are headed  due to the domination of Western scientific thinking. Join us on that track to consider the views of respected elders and community people whose wisdom is drawn from the deep maturity of our sovereign land, culture and society.

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