Australian Indigenous ‘creActivity’ connecting the
vernacular culture, customs, countries, people,
venerable society and law of an ancient sovereign land.

Feeling make you out there with wind, open place
because you’re like that.
Have a look while e blow, tree
and you feeling with the body
because tree just about like your brother or father
and tree watching you.

Neidjie, B. 1989, Story About Feeling, p.168.

… the universe is alive, … the universe is personal and, therefore,
must be approached in a personal manner.

Deloria, V. Jr, 2001, Power and Place, p.21.

We honour custodians
proprietors of the land.

The Rainbow Serpent in Australian Aboriginal mythology, is a significant symbol of human feeling, meaning and intuitive understanding inherent in the experience of colour, carrying ideas and social relations endemic to country and place across perceptions, borders and time.  UNIIKUP PRODUCTIONS LTD. / COLOURISE acknowledges the importance of colour in its objective to awaken / revive the experience of colour in everything we do.
The spiral is formed by and represents repetition of our customs and renewal of our culture, in the recovery of our community and society.

gather           host           mobilise
synthesise      synchronise       politicise   
a cultural signature of Indigenous cultural media-arts organisation Uniikup.

Uniikup was formerly Murriimage Community Video and Film Service, a community media development initiative of the Brisbane Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, established in 1986.  Out of this initiative, Uniikup Productions Ltd., a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, was established (by the Principal members of Murriimage) in 1994. Uniikup has developed community media-arts through video, film, cd-rom, dvd, internet and associated production skills and cultural practices, within Indigenous communities. Our community based media-arts projects and events contribute to a unique Australian media-arts culture, and are testimony to the recovery of Indigenous society and communities from the catastrophe of colonialism.