Held in the NAIDOC Indigenous gathering season, 8-11 JULY,
this year
Colourise entertains with local Indigenous
live-media-art and screen culture
on the streets of Brisbane
on Turrbal, in a cross unceded country event.

Talking the walk through the city,
Indigenous creactives and event participants

intersect contemporary sites of significance
on the Brisbane city landscape.


Colourise Festival eARTh has two performances in two parts:
Performance 1: Part 1 on the 8 July; Part 2 on the 9 July
Performance 2: Part 1 on the 10 July; Part 2 on the 11July.
Starts 2pm with a casual gathering in Murri Mura,
36 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane.
Performances start 5.30pm, Musgrave Park and Ends in City streets, 8pm.
In collaboration with Black History Month we engage, reminisce, enjoy and communicate spirit of the land.

Teila Watson Ancestress Wrap 1
Teila Watson Ancestress Wrap 2
eARTh video
WARNING: people who have passed away appear in some video footage shown here
from the Uniikup Productions Optical Media Collection Archive.