Colourise  Festival  2018  –    f I l M   t A l K s

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DATE: Friday 13th April 2018
LOCATION: Griffith University Film School
LOCATION: Cnr Vulture and Dock Street
South Brisbane QLD 4101
TIME: 6pm – 7.30pm followed by discussions

SCREENINGS: Uniikup Productions Ltd. Documentaries
from the archival optical media collection (UOMC 1985-current).

Same Place My Home (1990)
28 mins
Filmmakers: Christine Peacock and Carl Fisher;
Cultural Consultant: Mary Graham

‘We are in the society but not of it; they are in this country but not of it.’
This is the dilemma that still confronts Indigenous people today.
So how does Indigenous society function in these conditions?
What do people think and do?
Local elders and activists shared there views and ideas.

Ariba Enuba (1993)
40 mins
Filmmakers: Christine Peacock and Carl Fisher

Over a period of 4 years the vibrant life of Indigenous people in SEQld
was documented, recording cultural development, events and
political perspectives.
Ariba Enuba – belonging to you, belonging to me –
takes you back to the future.

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders share insights and speak about making Indigenous Australian protest films.
Refer LANDED page, click on – LANDED Indigenous Sovereignty Australia – Aboriginal/Murri flag symbol – for “Insistance – the Right to be Human” 1982 Commonwealth Games Protests video.

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